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What I mean when I talk about Mindfulness

Mindfulness now is a buzz world.  Taken form a traditional context it turned into an umbrella term and gained so many meanings that its hard to find the original one now. In this text I would like to speak about the approach of my master, a self-realized human being who has developed numerous techniques for contemporary people who live in cities, have jobs and families and raise children — and still want to finf there true nature, awakened and ever present.

Why aren’t you awakened yet? Because you don’t want it!

You have been practicing for 10/15/20 years and you are not there yet? I do not mean 10-minute mindfulness sessions before breakfast or meditation as a stress reliever or social pastime (although they are good in their own right). You are a retreat junkie, you spend a lot of time practicing, you realize you have indeed changed, you might have even had peak awakening experiences, but you remain attached to a particular self. Why is that?