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Awakening of the Heart retreat, January 2-9, 2017, Ko Samui, Thailand

You are your attention. You become what you focus your attention on. We habitually direct our attention to the world around us, as well as emotions and thoughts, which we often do not control at all. Thus, we lose ourselves in this world – often quite literally, since we feel as if we were out to lunch, as if we did not have strength or choice, as if we were not in control of our lives. Many spiritual teachers and masters today talk about the importance of being present in the Now, but it’s rarely said that one can be present at different levels. As attention we can reflect seven levels of Being. There is a great divide between the depth and intensity of presence of a beginner and a realized master: when a master is present in the here and now, his ‘here’ is the whole of Being, his ‘now’ is beyond time, and his presence is natural and effortless. The approach to meditation which will be taught during this retreat provides a detailed …

What I mean when I talk about Mindfulness

Mindfulness now is a buzz world.  Taken form a traditional context it turned into an umbrella term and gained so many meanings that its hard to find the original one now. In this text I would like to speak about the approach of my master, a self-realized human being who has developed numerous techniques for contemporary people who live in cities, have jobs and families and raise children — and still want to finf there true nature, awakened and ever present.

Why aren’t you awakened yet? Because you don’t want it!

You have been practicing for 10/15/20 years and you are not there yet? I do not mean 10-minute mindfulness sessions before breakfast or meditation as a stress reliever or social pastime (although they are good in their own right). You are a retreat junkie, you spend a lot of time practicing, you realize you have indeed changed, you might have even had peak awakening experiences, but you remain attached to a particular self. Why is that?